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In the modern enterprise, the enterprise inventory is to be seen as an important driving factor in supply chain management, tianjin small bee for RFID warehouse management innovation of enterprises in the long-term service in the process of profound realized this.From the perspective of supply chain, warehouse management should be from the inventory responsiveness, efficiency these two aspects to look at, but in a traditional warehouse management system, high inventory can enhance the response ability of the enterprise, but reduces the efficiency, on the contrary, low inventory can to a certain extent, reduce the inventory cost, improve the enterprise benefit, but the response ability cannot be guaranteed.But in recent years, the warehouse management system based on RFID technology constantly improve and development of more effective to solve the problem, and drive the progress of supply chain management in the other



一、RFID warehouse management compared with traditional warehouse management process


1、The tranditional warehouse management with RFID warehouse management receiving inbound links


1.1  RFID warehouse receiving warehouse management process


Warehouse receives the notice of the goods, the RFID warehouse management system based on the type of goods to choose warehouse, the system will automatically for reservoir and reservoir.The goods to the door of the quarantine, RFID read-write device batch read label goods, to check the data with the data on the receiving note, accurate after warehouse management system based on RFID is allocated in reservoir area and storage to storage.


1.2 The traditional warehouse management receiving inbound process


Goods receiving from listing and extract the goods received, back to the door of the warehouse, according to the container number to choose label on pallet.In the library, in order to avoid mistakes, stored in a lookup generally adopt partition to store, but the storage way although guarantee each item's location, but even if the position of free, other goods also can't occupy, caused a great waste of space


2. The traditional warehouse management compared with RFID inventory warehouse management link


2.1   RFID warehouse inventory management process

In selecting inventory warehouse and reservoir area, set inventory list, after the RFID read-write device moves to the region, speaking, reading and writing is a one-time reading data, and compares them to transfer the data to the management system to implement inventory


2.2   Traditional warehouse inventory process


Set inventory list, the staff into the warehouse, and pen to record information, some items have to turn to inventory at the same time, after the data collection to enter data into the computer system for data comparison, and then summarize complete inventory.Can say this way of counting took up a lot of human resources, greatly increase the likelihood of that error.And the need to stop in the process of inventory warehouse inbound and outbound business



3  The traditional warehouse management compared with outbound links with RFID warehouse managment


3.1 RFID Warehouse management outbound process


Received the delivery note, warehouse department staff by warehouse management system to find out the corresponding storage quantity and the location of the goods, notify the relevant working staff carry RFID read-write device to scan pickup, RFID read-write device will be out of the corresponding goods information transmitted to the RFID warehouse management system, statistics, and to modify the data.The goods were shipped to the door of the warehouse, hand-held mobile devices again scanning to verify the goods information.


3.2   The traditional warehouse outbound process


After receipt of the notice of shipment, the relevant staff to look for the relevant goods in the warehouse, and the number of accounting, after the goods sent warehouse manually input in the computer.


4、 Comparing the results


Through the above comparison, we can see clearly in the traditional warehouse management, when need to count the one kind of products, not accurate positioning the product quickly, and need a manual search, inventory personnel records, efficiency is very low, and the accuracy of the challenge.Information transmission efficiency is low at the same time, when you need to quickly respond to user needs, all kinds of information is not very good integration.And represented by RFID technology of modern warehouse management system, the inventory management process greatly simplified, automatic access to inventory information, speed up the delivery speed, improve the efficiency and accuracy, and reduce the labor costs.Most important is to promote the inventory responsiveness and efficiency


  RFID drive function of warehouse management


Tianjin bee think: because of the unique advantages of RFID warehouse management system can effectively enhance the response ability of the enterprise inventory and benefit, will enhance its position in the supply chain and the corresponding logistics, infrastructure, information elements should also corresponding ascension to adapt to the development of enterprise, form the effective drive function, enhance the level of supply chain make a great contribution for the enterprise, at the same time, it will become the mainstream trend of warehouse management