RFID Application field

  Industry News     |      2015-03-02 05:47:00
RFID application field is quite extensive
1、LogisticsThe cargo tracking in the process of logisticsautomatic information acquisition,warehouse management,Port applicationThe postal express delivery
2、RetailReal-time sales data statisticsreplenishmentanti -theft 。
3、ManufacturingThe real-time monitoring of production data,Quality tracking,Automated production
4、The clothing industryAutomated production,warehouse management,Brand managementItem managementChannel management
5、medicalThe management of medical equipment, patient identification, baby anti-theft
6、Identity authentication:Electronic passport, identity card, student card and other electronic documents
7、anti-counterfeitingValuables (antiques, porcelain, calligraphy and painting, jewelry, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc.) of anti-counterfeiting, bank ticket anti-counterfeiting, etc
8、Asset managementAll kinds of asset management
9、Transportation:High speed without a stop, taxi management, bus terminal management, railway locomotive identification, etc
10、Food:Such as fresh fruits, vegetables, fresh, food management, tracking back.
11、Animal authentication:eeping animals, animal husbandry and livestock, pets, such as identification management, tracking back
12、Library, archives management, bookstores, libraries, press, such as the archives management and tracking application
13、Auto-mobile: manufacturing, guard against theft, positioning, car keys