Intelligent Storage

 Intelligent Storage     |      2021-12-27 19:24:24

   Traditional warehousing management using the manual way, recording cumbersome, inefficient, artificial factor is big, accuracy is not high, prone to fake data to waste of human resources, management of maintenance cost is high, thus caused the difficult to guarantee the correctness of receiving, acceptance and delivery, to produce inventory, delay delivery, further increase the cost, so as to lose the opportunity to service for the customer, and manual management can't provide managers with real-time, rapid and accurate warehouse operations and inventory information, so that the implementation of timely, accurate, scientific decision-making

    Along with the modern information management technology, wireless communication technology and the rapid development of bar code, RFID technology, full automatic, digital and real-time warehouse management era has arrived.More and more new technologies such as bar code, and wireless communication technology and RFID technology are gradually applied in storage and production of each link

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Warehouse management application solutions   WMS SOLUTIONS

Wireless warehouse

     Wireless storage solution The use of advanced information technology to replace manual operation, the use of real-time wireless communication technology instead of paper documents, using bar code or RFID technology to complete the rapid and exact for single piece or multiple pieces of goods identification, using handheld or car terminal finish to the operation of the goods in bulk or refinement, combined with advanced background management system, achieves real-time monitoring the whole production and inventory of the warehouse.Based on cosco for the accumulation of many years of experience in the implementation of warehousing industry, so as to provide enterprises with a practical storage solution.The scheme is suitable for various size of warehouse management enterprise, especially suitable for storage of stereo library with large enterprises


Warehouse management

     This scheme for the arrival of the goods inspection, warehouse inbound, outbound, transfers, move the library each work link data such as shift, stock in automated data collection, and through various channels and wireless hand-held terminals and car terminal will collect data real-time uploaded to the backend system, ensure warehouse management each link data input speed and accuracy, ensure the timely and accurately grasp the inventory of the enterprise real data, reasonable to maintain and control the business inventories.With location management function of the system, more can master all stock supplies the current location in time, to improve the work efficiency of warehouse management



The first data collection layer:RFID Tag、barcode、handheld terminals、car terminal、stationary and antenna.
The second communication layer: all kinds of wireless communication technology WIFI, bluetooth,GPRS,3G etc.
The third application layer:complete the acquisition data processing, including warehouse management, warehouse management and location managament, nad other functions.
The fourthe layer data integration:finish other system interconnection, and the business enterprise inside to realize data sharing and transparent,


The system main function

(1)Automatic data acquisition, RFID radio frequency technology, in the/warehousing operations, automatic data collection item type, brand and quantity information, loading and unloading speed increase;In the automatic acquisition shelves goods at the time of the inventory information, reduce the manual operation.
(2)Document management: to warehouse daily operation in/outbound documents, adjust the documents would be managed.Complete document entry, goods distribution and instruction generation and monitoring functions
(3)Visualization of position management: when the system inventory and actual inventory from the inventory information would be maintained.
(4)Hardware equipment management: within the warehouse on a handheld, vehicle-mounted terminals, such as stationary, speaking, reading and writing device for registration and management.
(5)Data query: dimensional queries can be all kinds of business documents, and produce various kinds of statistical reports.
(6)Provide external interface: helps supply chain on the transparency of information, reduce the safety stock of the enterprise

The hardware environment and technology

(1)Wireless network technology, through the reasonable deployment of wireless AP, can make the wireless signal coverage the any corner of the enterprise, a wireless network can provide warehousing enterprises provides a real-time data transmission channel, make all kinds of information.
(2) Hand-held terminals and on-board terminal: warehouse staff can finish the goods with hand-held or car (binding) goods and tray, put in storage, shipment (goods and tray cancel binding), transposition, cargo devanning, return of goods, stock, etc.Loading vehicle drivers can use the car to complete inventory (trays and trays binding), dispatch.
(3) RFID technology, RFID recognition is a non-contact automatic identification technology.Including the label (Tag) and the read/write device.Tag through radio frequency signal to identify the target object and obtain the relevant data, it can work in all kinds of bad environment, and can identify multiple tags at a high speed.
(4) Bar code technology, bar code identification speed, high recognition rate, the characteristics of low cost.